Katherine Wargo DNP, APRN, A-GNP-C

As the founder and owner of Wargo & Associates, LLC Katherine is an experienced APRN in Adult and Geriatric with multiple specialties in primary care, chronic disease management, Intravenous insertion/therapies/pumps and Integrative services.

Her passion in patient care has been rooted from her previous life experiences and has formed her current medical cannabis plan of care. These products can be used holistically for chronic disease management. Her goal for patient-centered care is to incorporate medical cannabis with conventional treatments through education and training on how to use, choose and maintain the safest effective product for each individual patient. She will continue to train and collaborate with Dr. Dustin Sulak and is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians.

Bereshith Adams MSN, RN, APRN-BC, CWCN

President, Founder Proficient Nurse Practitioners (PNP)

An accomplished advanced Nurse Practitioner with over 10 years of experience in care and treatment of trauma and general surgery patients. Possesses outstanding patient relations and clinical judgment skills. Independent diagnostician with collaborative talent in working with multiple departments, units, disciplines and personnel cohesively toward the common goal of the betterment of patient health.

Jimmy Gonzalez

Energy Healer, Spiritual Advisor & Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Of Cuban decent, this Santoro has experienced many Santerían and catholic rituals, Christian Masses, Jewish Ceremonies, Hindu Pujas and Temples, Wiccan Sabbats and Rituals, Buddhist Rites and Traditions and Spiritualist Services and Healing Circles. He continues to study and practice many different rituals and now offer spiritual cleansings of the person and home and help people discover and honor their gifts.
On October 31, 2003 Jimmy’s mother was buried. The vast hole that was left in his heart had to be filled. He found that meditation was the answer, and it wasn’t easy. Without meditation it is unclear how he would handle the next chapter, Animal Control.

He worked his way through the ranks and was the Chief Animal Control Officer of the state’s largest animal shelter during the time of the 2008 Market Crash, and witnessed so much sadness and loss. The suffering and death of so many animals lead to him founding a non-profit to assist with low-cost vaccinations and a pet food pantry just to try to help keep as many pets home as possible.

He became a Reiki Practitioner specializing in Animal Reiki and then went to New Jersey to become a Pranic Healing Practitioner. Jimmy used the skills he was taught to help a close friend battling terminal cancer. During the many months that he spent with the patient, they practiced Guided Meditations daily and energy healing work to ease the pain through the transition. As promised to the patient, Jimmy has continued to share his methods and approach to spirituality with many people and pets to help them find peace.

Now Jinny has learned a great deal about how to remove emotional blockages and get to the root of many common issues through becoming a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, and a Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner.

Jose Almodovar

Certified Hypnotist
(203) 243-2982

Jose is now accepting appointments for:


Practicing Hypnotist using hypnosis to alleviate or eliminate personal issues, fears, phobias and much more.
NLP certified and CBT certified

Jose also has 35 years tatoo experiance including have his own tattoo studio and business and a US Army vereran.

Caitlin R. Viccari MS., BCBA, LBA-CT

Intuitive Healer & Life Coach

Caitlin is now accepting appointments for:

1:1 Intuitive Healing Session
Small Group Healing Session
Breathwork Facilitation Session 
Customized Coaching Package 

Greetings! I’m Caitlin Rose and excited to know you. I strive to be of service and allow healing to meet you where you are. I have an educational background in pre-social work, psychology, applied behavior analysis, and hypnotherapy, amongst other courses I have taken along the way. Through my self-inspired, spiritual journey I was lead to Sedona, Arizona to obtain teachings and attunements to become a Reiki Master. I am always continuing to learn and grow through educational opportunities; however, my greatest teacher has been life experience itself. My journey forward continues expanding to guide others on how to heal themselves.

As an intuitive healer and life coach, I use techniques such as sound healing, burning sacred herbs, conscious continued breathwork, and a combination of talk-therapy with a large tool box to pull from including techniques rooted in mindfulness, mediation, self-monitoring skills, goal setting, value- driven lifestyle changes, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), relationship coaching, co-regulation tools, mindfulness practice, spiritual coaching, self-love work, breathing techniques, inner child work, shadow work, manifestation, communication, energy readings, and ample expertise in the area of applied behavior analysis. You will be given the tools needed as your internal world shifts and your external world meets you anew.

I have been applying all of the knowledge, wisdom, and intuitively guided healing in my everyday life for others since I have been a child. Now, I plan to use the best of science and spirit to formulate a wholesome, integrative, practical approach to guiding you on your healing journey. Packages offered are specific and individualized based on your want and needs. The first step is a free consult call to discover the next steps of your healing journey together.

Events To follow:
Guided Self-Healing Workshop
Conscious Continued Breathwork Workshops/ Retreat
Holy Fire Reiki I&II Classes and Attunements
Family Support Groups for Highly Sensitive Children
Support Groups and Tools for Highly Sensitive Children
“I Am Different”- teen workshop