Getting Started

We finally received the okay to get going on cleaning up The Grove. What is The Grove? Right now it is a 800ish sqft space with a cement floor with a hole in it, a bathroom with no toilet and a couple of tapestries in the window, thats it. The electricity is turned on but still no heat.

The website has been launched, but we are still waiting for a final logo and a lot of content.

To Do List:

  • Get the heat turned on
  • Frame out window, insulate, sheetrock
  • Cut and add sliding glass door to Bohemian High
  • Build wall with interior door separating event space from back room
  • Put down plywood on back floor and bathroom
  • Reseat the toilet
  • Prep all walls for paint
  • Prep all ceiling for paint
  • Prep floor for paint
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint walls
  • Paint floor
  • Decide how to partition front of space from event space
  • Replace lock set on rear door
  • Start scheduling events
  • Shop for furnature and fixtures

List of stuff to get:

  • 5 sheets of plywood, 1/2 inch
  • 7 sheets of sheetrock, 1/2 inch
  • 15 2x4s
  • 4 bags of 45 minute durabond spackle
  • 4 metal corners, 8 ft
  • 1 interior prehung door
  • Floor paint
  • Wall paint
  • Painting supplies
  • Pink insulation
  • Bathroom flooring
  • Toilet wax seat ring
  • Extior door knob set, preferably leaver style with secondary lock
  • 3 additional sets of key
  • Sliding glass door

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